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Just because your body is aging, doesn't mean you have to feel bad. Get help and feel better!
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Did you know September is Healthy Aging Month? That means, if you are 50 or over, it’s time for a thorough health assessment.

Why 50? Why wait until your health is declining? Start now and get ahead of the game. We recommend you schedule your annual physical, if you have not already had one. Before seeing your doctor, prepare a list of topics to discuss. Here are some tips to help to help you get started.

  1. List any problems you may be having such as difficulty sleeping and fatigue.
  2. Have your blood pressure checked the next time you are at the pharmacy.
  3. Aches and pains slowing you down? Write it down.
  4. If you experience hot flashes and night sweats, put it on your list.
  5. If you have an unusual number of days where you feel down and out, write that down.
  6. Feeling lonely and unappreciated? Write it down.

Many people think these and other symptoms are just part of the aging process, and there’s nothing you can do about them. That is a myth, so make your list as long as you need to and discuss every detail.

Some things most seniors can easily do to improve their wellbeing are as follows:

  1. Watch the diet, reducing sugar and carbs if needed and adding fresh, healthy foods.
  2. Exercise daily.  If you want your body to move…keep your body moving.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Maintain a healthy social life.

The medical professionals at Advanced Urgent Care & Aesthetics offer physical exams and biometric screenings. We can prescribe medication to help with your symptoms and help you determine what steps you need to take to improve the quality of your life. We also offer hormone evaluations and therapies that can improve your health physically and emotionally.

NOTE: If you experience potentially life-threatening symptoms such as shortness of breath,chest pain, or dizziness, don’t wait for a physical. Seek help right away.



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