Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens

In our second post for National Nutrition Month, we're talking about greens. Find out why Popeye had the right idea.
Don't Forget to Eat Your Greens

Popeye had the right idea! Greens are an essential element in any healthy diet. Spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and omega fatty acids that promote a healthy heart and strong immune system (which we should all be focusing on right now)!

Spinach is also loaded with iron and helps prevent iron deficiencies and anemia. Feeling extra tired or run down lately? You may want to stop by for a physical and definitely consider adding more greens to your diet.

Learn more about the benefits of leafy greens and learn how to make delicious spinach and strawberry salad here!

Here’s An Easy Way to Get Your Greens

Place baby kale leaves in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze. Once frozen, put the leaves in a freezer bag together and keep them frozen. You can pull the leaves out as needed and pop them into your favorite smoothie recipe.

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