Urgent Care Providers Explain Why Sports Injuries Shouldn’t Be Left Untreated

Find out what can happen if you choose to tough it out!
Urgent Care Providers Treat Sports Injuries

As urgent care providers, we typically see an increase in sports injuries this time of year. It makes sense, as the weather is beginning to warm up, the spring sports season is about to be in full swing, and people are getting outdoors more after a long season of dreary cold.  

Most common sports injuries treated by our urgent care providers:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Strains
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Sprains 
  • Concussions

Many other sports-related injuries can occur. Some may be minor and require minimal treatment (ice, elevation, rest, etc.). However, other injuries could be far more severe and even debilitating. All injuries should be evaluated and treated immediately and properly to prevent further damage down the line. 

Athletes are often encouraged to “push through” or “tough it out” and STAY IN THE GAME. If that is how you were trained, we recommend a thought change. If you’re injured, you should seek treatment!

Why shouldn’t you let your injuries go untreated? 

  • The sooner you begin treatment, the faster you will heal the injury. Delaying treatment can prolong the amount of recovery time. 
  • You cannot play to your full potential with an injury left untreated. Seeking treatment immediately can help maintain your physical and mental ability to play sports and play them well.
  • Delaying treatment could cause further injuries down the road, which could ultimately put you out of the game completely. Nobody wants that! 

How can you reduce the risk of injuries? 

Whether you are a professional athlete, play for your school, or just for fun and exercise, your body is at risk for injury when you start to get more active. The following are a few steps our urgent care providers recommend to help you reduce the risk:  

  • Get the proper gear and learn how to use it correctly.
  • Work closely with your trainer or coach to learn the correct movements and techniques.
  • Get your body moving ahead of time to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility.
  • Take breaks from training, if needed. Listen to your body; it will tell you what it needs. 
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium.
  • Stay WELL hydrated.

Our urgent care providers are here to help.

Should you find yourself with sports-related injuries, we’ve got you covered at Advanced Urgent Care & Aesthetics! Our team of highly qualified urgent care providers is committed to helping you make a FULL recovery.

  • On-site x-ray 
  • Splinting and casting
  • Stitches and wound care
  • Referrals to specialists if necessary
  • Multiple, convenient locations
  • Minimal wait times (because who wants to sit in a waiting room all day in pain)

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