Should I Be Worried About COVID Again?

We advise avoiding fear-mongering and living your life to the fullest while following standard safety measures. Here are some helpful tips.
COVID 2023

COVID-19 variant, BA.2.86 or ‘Pirola,’ is the latest variant of Omicron. However, officials have yet to determine if this variant is more transmissible than previous variants. According to the CDC, the current uprise in cases and hospitalizations is not due to this new variant but that of other circulating viruses. The CDC also states that present antibodies do show effectiveness against this strain.

How Do I Handle the Stress Of The COVID Pandemic?

As always, we advise avoiding fear-mongering and living your life to the fullest while following standard safety measures. Staying tuned to the media 24/7 will only increase the fear and anxiety associated with the pandemic. So unplug for a bit. Turn off the news and avoid scrolling the stories of the latest variants on social media platforms.

While we recommend limiting social media, we think keeping in touch with family members and friends is important for your mental well-being. Those social connections, even if only on social media, can be a great source of calm for most of us.

When gathering with friends and family, be sure to do so safely. If you are ill, reschedule or politely decline the invitation until you are well and symptom-free.

What Steps Will Help Keep Me Healthy?

While we realize it is challenging to relax and enjoy life when faced with a potential threat, there’s a significant, health-related reason we encourage our patients to “keep calm and live on.” Fear, stress, and anxiety can lower your ability to fight off diseases.

Rather than worrying, we suggest patients put their energy into things they can control, which will positively impact their emotional and physical health.

Here are some essential first steps.

  • Get good quality sleep for optimal immune function and mental and physical health.
  • Eat nutritious meals that include plenty of bright-colored, raw vegetables.
  • Drinking plenty of water is a necessary immune system booster.
  • Get plenty of exercise and lots of fresh air.
  • Ensure you get plenty of vitamins B, C, D, and zinc to boost your immune system.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.

If you need help knowing what vitamins and supplements your body needs to stay healthy, our Wellness Centers are the place for you! One of our medical providers will conduct an in-depth analysis with lab work to determine what your body needs! You can find out more about this on our Advanced Medical Spa website.

These healthy lifestyle adjustments will help you fight colds, flu, and other coronaviruses. You will also feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What If I Think I Have COVID Symptoms?

At Advanced Urgent Care and Aesthetics, we take many steps to help prevent the spread, including offering telemedicine visits!  In fact, if you have signs of COVID-19, we recommend starting with a telemedicine visit.  From there, we can determine whether testing is necessary and plan out your next steps with you!

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